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Our Mission Statement


The Somerset Youth Football League’s purpose is to build a strong grass roots organization for youth football in Somerset as well as support the middle school and high school football programs. To provide the participants with the league and school based programs the facilities, equipment and supervision to enjoy and learn the game of football and related activities. To teach the participants, while learning and playing the principals of fair play and good sportsmanship. To teach the participants the proper attitudes in both winning and losing. To advance the spirit of teamwork and team play. Doing so by means of supervised athletic competition, to guide these participants through a period of maturation into honest, thoughtful and useful adult citizens for our community.

"Cooperation is working together in harmony."


Mighty Mites

-Incoming Kindergarteners thru incoming 1st graders

Pee Wees 

- Incoming 2nd graders


- Incoming 3rd and 4th graders


- Incoming 5th and 6th graders

Cost To Play

There are NO FEES to play in our league. However, we do require participation in 1-2 fundraisers each season. The equipment provided by the league includes: helmet, shoulder pads, game and practice pants and game and practice jerseys. Players are responsible for providing their own cleats. Players can wear their own personal equipment instead if the condition of the equipment is approved by the coach.

Michael Whitis
John Prather
Bart Williams
Chief Financial Officer
Kerri Brooks
Delores Duggar
James Coffey
Chris Gross
Susan Aaron
Joe Ford/Emeritus
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